Fast, simple file encryption.

gKrypt is the easiest and fastest way to protect your files on Windows. Enough said.

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Military grade Security

With AES 256 encryption, it will literally take a trillion years for a brute-force attack to succeed.


GPU Boost

Want to protect GBs of movies? (or any other data) No problem. Our revolutionary gKryptEngine technology does that 10 times faster than competing solutions.


It's (very) Simple

It's for normal people. Drag-drop files and they get encrypted (or decrypted if already encrypted). No annoying windows or popups.

File Shredding

Shred the original file once it's encrypted so that you keep only the encrypted file which only you can unlock.


USB Protection

Never keep personal data on USB without first encrypting it. With gKrypt you can easily encrypt whole USB by dragging files into gKrypt app.


We're here to help you

The best thing when you choose gKrypt is the level of support you get, direct contact with our engineering team! Oh yes, there's Getting Started guide and FAQs on the Download page too.