gKrypt engine encryption SDK

Lightning fast, military-grade encryption SDK.

Made for Java, C#, C/C++ developers with ease-of-use and performance in mind.

gKrypt Engine

gKrypt is an encryption and compression SDK which provides hardware acceleration for NVIDIA, AMD and Intel processors for C/C++, Java and C# developers. It supports wide range of hardware including NVIDIA  as well AMD GPUs for both desktop and mobile variants. gKrypt's highly optimized AES engine delivers many times performance gains compared to current solutions, including Intel® AES-NI™, while retaining the security characteristics. It is fully backward compatible with CPU only machines, making sure that best resources in your system are utilized without sacrificing compatibility. The added support for multi-GPUs ensures maximum performance giving up to 80 Gbps AES-256 throughput in consumer and enterprise systems.

Why Use gKrypt Engine?


Avoid performance-tax when you enable encryption in your application. Our GPU boost technology provides AES-256 speeds of up to 80 Gigabits per second on a single GPU.


Encryption (AES), hashing and lossless data compression optimized for maximum performance on CPU and GPU.

Hardware Support

Hardware accelerated encryption and compression for NVIDIA and AMD GPUs, AMD and Intel CPUs. AES-NI supported on compatible Intel and AMD CPUs.

Language Support

SDK for C/C++. Wrappers for C# and Java.


Platform Support

Windows (32/64bit), Linux (32/64bit) and Mac OS (64bit).


Getting Started

Contact us to get free evaluation SDK. Checkout Wiki for complete documentation and samples. Try out gKrypt app available for free.