The gKrypt App Story

We wanted to create an app that would make file protection on Windows simpler without compromising on security and at the same time demonstrate the power of gKrypt Engine which does all the cryptography underneath. Enjoy using gKrypt!

Free for non-commercial use

If you want it for your company, contact us for licensing.

Frequently asked questions:

Q:Can I trust gKrypt with my data?
A:gKrypt Engine is currently securing data of thousands of users worldwide. Once the data is encrypted via gKrypt, even we cannot unlock it no matter what.
Q:Do I really need gKrypt?
A:Ask yourself: Is your personal data important to you? Do you fear that someone else may take a look at it or worse, steal and use it? Never compromise your data by making sure it's encrypted. All we do is just provide you a really easy yet powerful tool to protect your data.
Q:What files does gKrypt support?
A:All file types, be it documents, photos, videos or any other type of file. Drag and drop into the gKrypt box and it gets encrypted. To decrypt, drag n drop encrypted gKrypt file into the box and it will automatically decrypt (provided you give the right password).
Q:How strong is the protection?
A: A super computer can decode a 56 bit key in one second, 64 bit key in 4 minutes and a 128 bit key in 149 trillion years. We provide 256 bit AES key with gKrypt and it would take a super computer 50,955,671,114,250,072,156,962,268,275,658,377,807,020,642,877,435,085 years by brute force to break your data! Yes, that many years.
Q:Can it really encrypt GBs of data in seconds?
A:Yes, our revolutionary gKrypt Engine with GPU speed boost technology encrypts your files up to 10 times faster than competing solutions.
Q:What makes gKrypt different from other file encryption software?
A: It's simple, fast and free. There is no step-by-step process, no annoying dialog boxes. Just drag-and-drop simplicity and amazing encryption and decryption speeds!